The 9th of September 1999


Don’t think I forgot. I could never. It was 12:05 A.M. when I realised that I have no idea what’s the right thing to do. Maybe I spoil it by saying this. Maybe I don’t. Maybe I ruin the whole thing by telling you I have no idea what’s wrong or right at the moment. But it may just be the whole point of it. People unfortunately go through ups and downs whether they like it or not. And no matter how much they love each other and how much they care, appreciate and understand each other. . .they will most certainly screw up. It proves they care, I guess. That’s what I’ve always been told, that’s literally every freakin’ Tumblr quote ever. But do we just want to be poetic and forget the real pain? People fight  b e c a u s e  they make mistakes. Can a mistake mean that I love you? No. A mistake means I did wrong, that I didn’t understand something, that I read throughout the lines, but wrongly enough. It doesn’t prove love, it proves human nature. It proves that we  n e e d  love. To forget those mistakes, sin, as you want to call them one needs love. It doesn’t matter how much you want to do the right thing. Human nature gets to every single one of us. I feel like we should communicate more, but shouldn’t everyone? I do remember all the things we did and said, but also, all the things we’ve promised. Remember that, darling? Our pact? To not let anything ruin our time together as we have so little. To not allow some stupid arguments to destroy our thing. But have we lived up to that pact? All we can do is argue. I swear I tried so hard to tell you everything. I tried. I tried. I overtried. I don’t know, maybe we all do have secrets that we don’t wanna share. Maybe that’s the best for you, love. Maybe it isn’t. Time will show. It always does. And now it’s not even a Tumblr quote, isn’t it? Anyways, I haven’t forgotten today. Hope you knew. It’s only natural you knew. It’s only natural both of us know.

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