Poison Ivy

Her feet are always cold. Shes used to say it’s just like her soul.
She warms herself up with the love she’s given, in between the white sheets and under the soft blankets. With a wide smile on her face. Always. She seemed perfection and eternal love. She looked like something you could only dream of, worship. Everyone was in awe. Love and hate, faith and darkness, life and death. It all was in her magical eyes. You never knew how to feel about what she was telling you.

And oh, how much she loved risks. She would walk on water if needed to get what she desired. She would betray, kill, be a storm just to make everything happen just the way she planned. It never mattered. No one mattered for her, not truly. Or so she said.

But darling, when she loved, so rarely, she would give her everything. I’ve seen that before. She was capable of love. So much. She would do anything fot that person. Only that one person. The rest were always pons or colateral demage. You always wanted her on your side, so you should have known how much of a poison ivy she was. Truth being told, she poisoned only who she wanted to. Yet her thirst was such an abyss, just as a black hole that would never get filled. The more she sucked the life out of others, the more she wanted to do it. Not even the mighty ocean could have stopped her thirst. She would be dead and alive for you, whatever you asked her to be – if only she’s got to love you. Oh, my dear, you only had to gain her trust first, love would come easy afterwards. And after that, you had anything in this world that your heart desired. She would give you just anything. 

You were so close to that it’s actually sad. You had a few steps left and days of waiting. If only you weren’t so impatient. . .So she killed you too. I’m sorry, no one controls her.

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