#realityhigh Review

Damsel in distress? Not in a 21st century teen movie. Honestly, I can’t be the only one who’s over that whole scenario.

Let me explain, it’s rather boring and predictable. You have the main character, who’s a girl. Of course, she has to be either weak, either strong. No in between, because you know, females aren’t balanced at all. Then she messes up and you have your climax. Everyone hates her, seemingly a ruined life. Then there’s the knight in shining armour coming at her door, sometimes window, ‘cause you know, everyone is underage, gotta make sure the parents don’t notice, and saves her. Tells her how much he loves her and how perfect she actually is.

Or not. This isn’t the case in Netflix’s 2017 #realityhigh. Let me tell you why it isn’t just any other teen cliché drama. After, you can watch it and hate me if I wasn’t right, which I will be, duh.

You have the main character, Dani. She’s a high school senior (also, why all these movies are about 17 years olds, maybe make them a little older? A little. No? Okay). Everyone is stressing out about college. We do have a boy best friend, but not in the way you’d imagine. Dani was bullied when she was a kid, around 11 years old I’d say, by her now ex-best friend, Alexa. Still, they are in the same school. And Alexa hates Dani’s guts still. Also, Alexa Medina would give anything to always be in the centre of all the attention and have something interesting to tell to her “9 million followers” (which are actually 8,2 but to quote “who counts”). So we have two girls. One hates the other. Then there comes into play the main male character. Cameron is Alexa Medina’s ex boyfriend and now Dani’s new love interest. This causes problems even for normal teens, let alone self centred social media influencers like Alexa. Of course, Dani does mess some things up. Many. Maybe disappoints a couple of people. More than a couple. The point is, she cries herself out, but she stands back on her feet. She fixes things. She gets up and apologises, makes things right in some weird ways, but hey, it works and I’m all here for it. I was expecting her bet friend to show up at her doorstep after hell broke loose (I ain’t about to tell you what happens, gotta watch the movie. Let’s just say, if you lost your trust in someone, you had a reason cha-cha). Also, I was SO expecting Cameron to show up at her window. Or at least text. But no. She had a ted talk with her father and pulled herself together. She didn’t need others – especially a boy – to save her. She did all that for herself. And I loved it. She admitted her mistakes, was humble and got back the people that mattered for her.

To be real, I don’t know about you, but I am so tired of movies with girls ALWAYS needing rescue. Dani Barnes needed it too. But she became her own saviour. So can you.

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