Listen to the crazy one – The Open House review

“You can’t lock out what’s already inside”

Horror and thriller genre, make room and take notes. I’ve just watched “The Open House” and I’ve realised two things. One, I’ll never again read Netflix descriptions, as that can make just any movie seem boring and two, yes, you can have a thriller that isn’t full of clichés and plain boring, just as the last/next thriller you’ve seen.

Let’s dive into the plot. We have a really nice, normal looking family. But something terrible is bound to happen to the Wallace family. The father dies, killed by a reckless driver. Now Logan and his mother, Naomi are left with a ton of debts and cannot afford living in their house anymore. Naomi’s sister offers them a place to live. It’s a cabin, in a secluded area, up a mountain. It’s rather tough to get there. Also, the cabin is for sale, but they figured that at least until it’s sold, it could be their home – as they desperately needed a place to live. The only “rule” was that every Sunday, between 12 a.m. and 5 p.m. they had to leave the house so the cabin could be presented properly to potential buyers (having an open house, hence the title, get it? yeah? okay, thanks).

Now we have problems appearing. Everytime they come back on Sundays, things are misplaced, disappear, the phone rings but no one talks when answered. Logan insists so much that they leave the house, that they’d found another place to stay. They don’t leave. First mistake. Their neighbour starts acting really crazy. They ignore that. Second mistake. Longan continues with his idea of moving, making it clear and obvious that he is rather uncomfortable there.

We are introduced to a new character, Chris, that we can put all the blame on; seemingly. Judge for yourself if his behaviour isn’t out of the ordinary sometimes. But he is placed so amazingly that you can never know, until the very end, if he is the killer or not. I won’t ruin your movie, but pay attention to him.

Dylan Minnette really did a good job as Logan. The character was a good fit and you couldn’t help but root for him from the bottom of your heart. He was such a nice, sweet, hard-working adolescent that was, after all, traumatised by the death of his father. And you can feel that. You see that troughout the movie multiple times.

The ending was spectacular. Something one would never expect from a horror, especially a new one (released as of January 19, 2018). Until the credits rolled, I still hoped, but for nothing. It was surprising, really. The fate of the characters, who the killer was, the placement of every object that helped or ruined their chances. If you are looking for a good horror, with its typical jump scares, but unpredictable, “The Open House” is for you!

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