Perfect lives aren’t real – Elite review

Oh, who wouldn’t want the perfect high school experience?

I don’t even know where to start with this one because there’s so much to be said. Such a clean mess that you can’t help but fall in love with. It took me exactly 15 trailer seconds to decide to watch this series and I don’t regret that call one bit. I really binged the whole 8 episodes series in one day. Which is insane for me!

Netflix came trough again with the newly released “Élite”. The action takes place in modern day Spain – yeah, it’s in spanish, move on. Everything starts with a disaster. And a disease. But that for another talk. We have this school that collapses because the constructor didn’t use appropriate materials. So he tries to make up for it – mostly to the press, for his image – by giving away 3 scholarships to students from the school to this private, for the wealthy, really fancy school – Las Encinas. Non surprisingly, there study his kids, a boy and a girl. Now we’re faced with a bunch of entitled children, who think the world is theirs, just because they’ve been told that too much (that’s a quote from one of the characters).

The new kids seem to kick it off rather well, as each, in their own weird way makes new friends. Amazing, right? No. Turns out the constructor’s kids are 1) a rebel without a cause that gets in trouble daily – Marina, and 2) a social warrior whom is willing to do whatever it takes to keep his family’s status and get rid of “rats” – Guzmán.

Back to the new kids? A scared boy that gets easily excited, sometimes naïve, but with such a good heart – Samuel, a “know-it-all” whom thinks that he can change the way that school and the rich rule – Christian and a girl that turns out to be stronger than you could ever imagine – Nadia. These 3 are friends from the old school and in their weird, twisted ways stick up for each other.

The thing is, they are from different worlds, with different mindsets yet rather similar goals. Imagine them going trough the whole year without any tragedies. No, that’s not gonna happen. You’ll be greeted by a detective as soon as you start the series. Good luck in finding who is the guilty one. You’ll need it.

Talking about some ships for a second. I don’t wanna give away names so I don’t spoil anything. As soon as you watch it, you will understand whom I’m talking about. It’s obvious. There was this one relationship where he didn’t have it all figured out, but he was nervous and scared at least half the time. It was a nice shift. Something that you don’t really see everywhere. Also, in another relationship, he was willing to cut all contact with her just for her well being. He put her needs before what he wanted. That was cute and somehow different, I really enjoyed it.

There are so many things happening that by episode 2 I thought I was at 6. Everyone in that school has an agenda and knows what they want. Driven – sometimes by such wrong desires -, strong, independent, broken underneath, this show presents such amazing characters with great development. You’ll grow to love and hate them all trough-out the series. They are very humane, making plenty of mistakes, feeling guilty (more or less, I’m looking at you Polo and Carla), fixing things, getting used to real life. It shows the struggles of being a teenager.

Something important that you need to know before watching the show is that the characters can be problematic. It’s up to how you feel about certain behaviours. If you’re triggered by racist jokes, age gap, sexual relationships between minors, mentions of HIV, murder, a lot of prejudice and labelling, please be careful. This might seem like a lot, but again, it’s up to what each individual finds normal/weird/disturbing.

If you love teenage drama and a little bit of mystery that follows you trough all the episodes, you’ll adore this one. It has all the twisted things you could think of.

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