Miracles in the 21st century – Jane the virgin review


Title – Jane the virgin

Genre – Drama, Romantic comedy, Satire

Number of seasons – 4

Number of episodes – 81

Length per episode – 42 minutes

Based on – “Juana la virgen” by Perla Farías

First aired – October 13, 2014

Original Network – The CW

Languages – English/Spanish

Country – United States

“I know romance novels are all about fate and destiny, but I don’t think one has ever been written that could come close to our story. If they were ever two people destined to be together, it’s us”. Oh, isn’t that the most romantic thing you’ve ever heard? Okay, probably not, since you’re not the one the quote’s about. But still, you can give it some credit.

I just finished the first season from “Jane the virgin” and oh my, has that been a long, crazy ride. To be honest, even though I knew I had three seasons left, I didn’t want to let it go. Maybe scrolling through Netflix is helpful after all, ‘cause that’s the way I found this series.

But, to be 100% real, I doubted it throughout the first episode. It was so full of satire, that I thought it’s the kind of show that just makes fun of everything else, and I didn’t feel like watching that at the moment. But I thought to myself “Come on, you love a good irony, wait for some development”. So I did. As I said, it’s pure satire, at least the first three or so episodes, but you’ll laugh at it. Unless you get hurt REALLY easily. It makes fun of the typical telenovela (soap operas) scenarios. I adored that, since my grandma made me watch telenovelas when I was 12. That was excruciating pain, since those are full of awkward, cringe worthy meetings. So I loved that “Jane the virgin” made fun of all that.

Then, it became serious. More or less. Hey, it’s still a romantic comedy. The series has a narrator (Anthony Mendez) and to be truthful, if you’ll watch it with English subtitles like me, you’ll laugh so much. Whenever he speaks, Netflix says that the “Latin Lover Narrator” speaks. Also, I wish he was a character, since he’s the funniest guy ever. It’s a pity the rest of the characters can’t hear him. At the beginning of each episode he makes a recap. “Jane was artificially inseminated with Rafael’s sperm” you’ll hear almost every episode. And to be honest, that’s why all the mess in the show starts in the first place. Oh, have I mentioned that the insemination happened by mistake?

Now, Jane Gloriana Villanueva is a young college student who wants to become a middle school teacher “to make sure girls don’t become mean girls in high school”. She’s nice, sweet, caring, adores her family and her fiancée, Michael (a just promoted to detective job cop). She lives with her mom, Xiomara and her abuela (grandmother). Her life seems all figured out with a 5 years plan ahead. Jane promised abuela she will wait until marriage to have sex and Michael is okay with that.

Then, we’re introduced to Rafael Solano. About the same age as Jane, he’s an ex player turned loving husband for his wife Petra and the owner of the Marbela Hotel (more like his dad pulls the strings in the darkness but who cares). Rafael and Petra have been married for about 5 years and wanted to have a family, raise a child and all that normal stuff. Things get in their way. Many. Things get in everyone’s way in this series.

So we have the happy, lovely couples whose lives will collide whether they want that or not. I just told you Jane is inseminated by mistake with Rafael’s sample. I don’t wanna spoil it for you, but when you see how that happened, it’s gonna be an awkward silence moment.

Also, Jane finds her long lost dad and really tries to bond with him…even if he can be hard to handle at times. I called it “diva ego”.

All 22 episodes of the first season are full of random adventures and turns. People break up, get back together, fight and makeup, oh, there’s also Sin Rostro, this dangerous drug dealer, right under their roof – no, really, at the Marbella – and they try to find out who he is, a murder, an evil twin brother and so many others. “Straight out of a telenovela, right?” (that was the narrator). And that’s just the first season. Those people have amazing character development and if you want to hate one, you’ll be sorry one episode later. It shows their human side. For real. How one can be right and wrong at the same time. Or make a perfect decision and still feel guilty. Having to fight through life even when it’s not pleasant.

It’s fun. And calming, reassuring. A ball of laughter, tears of happiness and ugly cry. If you want to watch something relaxing, press play.

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